Merchant Account Acquisition

Merchant Account Acquisition Procedure

This procedure specifies actions required of University personnel who wish to accept card payments.

  1. A department or unit wishing to accept credit card payments must contact the Credit Card Support Program (CCSP) via email at, and submit the Payment Acceptance Clarification (PAC) Form to the CCSP Office
  2. The CCSP will contact the requestor if any further clarification regarding the requested activity is required.
  3. The CCSP prepares an Activity Brief which documents the request.
  4. The Activity Brief must receive signoff from the requesting department.  This includes signatures from the requestor, the department business manager, and responsible university officer.
  5. The signed Activity Brief must be returned to the CCSP office in 426 Grace Hall. 
  6. The Activity Brief will then be forwarded to all members of the Information Governance Committee for a two-week review period. 
  7. After Information Governance review, the Activity Brief and any comments and/or recommendations from the Information Governance Committee will be discussed with the requesting department and sent to the Vice President for Business Operations and the Vice President for Finance for final approval.
  8. If approved by the Officers, the project will transition to the department responsible for implementation of the new merchant activity (e.g. the Merchant Card Coordinator in the Controller's Office for physical terminals, ND Marketplace for e-commerce, or the OIT for a new IT system). 
  9. The Merchant Card Coordinator will contact the requesting department to establish a new merchant account and schedule card acceptance and reconciliation training.
  10. The CCSP Office provides the account owner with training materials and forms that must be completed prior to account activation.
  11. After completion of the project identified in (8), the department or unit is instructed to submit a $1.00 test transaction for each card type prior to activation of the account to verify correct setup.  The Merchant Card Coordinator confirms that the transaction reaches the bank.
  12. The Merchant Account Coordinator completes the merchant account setup by notifying Accounting & Financial Services for posting of revenue and the Tax Department for final review of UBI tax reporting or sales tax requirements.


This procedure applies to all University of Notre Dame employees and students.